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By | August 7, 2018

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. I am a tech geek and games. In this blog, am sharing everything related to my boy emulator. My boy emualtor has come a long way from its initial days. Now it supports all old awesome GBA games. In this blog am gonna give brief introduction of my boy emulator for android and then will share the list of best my boy games. Sit back and enjoy the article which gives list of awesome my boy games.

My Boy emulator

My Boy emulator is an another emulator which lets you play all old GBA games in your modern cell phone both android and IOS. This is available in both android and IOS operating systems. This emulator, like any other emulator will provide environment to emulate gba games. There are a lot of gba games available in market. This my boy emulator is very awesome. It has a very optimized functionality, thus consuming very less battery. This adds a lot to performance of your device. This also provide awesome experience for gamers boy providing awesome environment. You can enjoy the awesome experience during like vibration etc.Below is the list of awesome my boy games. So you have everything to do but download it.

My Boy emulator for Android : My Boy APK

My Boy emulator for IOS : My Boy IOS

My Boy emulator for PC

Top 25 best GBA games for android.

Wario Land 4 my game boy GBA games:

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wario land 4 gba game

Wario Land 4 Plot:

The game starts with Wario reading the newspaper in which he reads about a pyramid which is full of gold. The legend says that the pyramid is of the princess Shokora, who is cursed by the money-crazed Gold-diva.

Wario starts driving to the pyramid in the Wario car. He enters the pyramid and runs into a mysterious cat. He follows the cat and doing so he falls into a precipice. Now Wario is stuck inside the pyramid and tries to find a way out. In this process, he comes across various passages and with a lot of challenges. He has to do boss battles. After finishing all the passages, he reaches the innermost part of the pyramid. Here he comes across the cat and it turns out cat is the princess Shokora. The princess gives wario a lot of treasure. Wario comes out of there with all th e treasure he got from princess and all the boss battles.

Wario Land 4 game play:

Wario GBA my boy game is very good especially the plot. This works really well my boy gba emulator. Please do try this game and let us know in the comment section  below about your experience.

Wario Land4 game boy download :            For Mobile                                    For PC

Drill Dozer my game boy GBA games:

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Drill Dozer GBA Game

Drill Dozer Plot:

The main player named Jill. She is the daughter of Doug, the leader of a gangsters known as the Red Dozers. Her father gets ambushed by another group of gangsters. They attacked her father to steal red diamond from him. This puts Jill on a mission to get the diamond back. Jill uses this vehicle called Drill Dozer, which basically looks lika car with a big drilling machine.

Now Jill is on a machine with Drill Dozer. She comes across other 3 diamonds green diamond, yellow diamond, blue diamond. She has to clear a lot of levels and do a lot of battles to finally get the red diamond. Other 3 diamonds will go to the museum and she keeps the red diamond.

Drill Dozer Game Play:

Drill Dozer is an awesome gameboy GBA game. It is completely action packed game which is a little different from regular games as you are using driller as your weapon. This works really well in my boy gba emulator. Download the game right away, play it and share you experience in the comment section.

Drill Dozeer game boy download:       For Mobile                             For PC

WarioWare GBA my boy games:

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wario wario gba game for gameboy

WarioWare Inc game play:

Wario got his mini games in Wario party. Wario has is micro games in Wario ware Inc. I am pretty sure I don’t need to explain what a Warioware is but I will do it anyway. Basically you just have to play these absolutely my new teeny tiny little games that require very little explanation beyond just a line of text. you will have to do these in enormously quick successions and if you fail too many times, you fail. It really is absolutely mental and incredibly fun. Especially, multiplayer which admittedly is hard to do on the GBA these days.

Download WarioWare Inc game play download:        For Mobile                         For PC

Gunstar Super Heroes GBA my boy games:

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gun star super heros gba game for gameboy

Gunstar Super Heroes Game Play:

If there is one complaint I have about the original gunstar heroes, It wasn’t super enough. Thankfully on the title alone gunstars super heroes solves that. It contains all the ridiculous run-and-gun fun that you would come  to expect for the series and it takes things up a notch with genuinely interesting story. It’s crazy , It’s high Ocatane and its a must have. You can play this very will in my boy emulator.

Download Gunstar Super Heroes my boy game:   For Mobile                  For PC

The legend of Zelda: A link to the Past and Four swords my boy games:

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The Legend Of Zelda gba game boy


The legend of Zelda, A link to the Past and Four swords. It kinda seems like two games but it comes on one cartridge. So, we are treating it as one. The Original link to the Past was an absolute masterpiece but there were a few little issues here and there that have been completely rectified in the GBA game re-release. It features new graphics, new game play and just refines the whole experience to make it a little bit more accessible but don’t worry it’s still the same game under the hood store. If you love the original, this version is definitely worth a look.

Download The Legend of Zelda, A link to the Past and Four swords my boy GBA game:  For Mobile         For PC

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