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Hey guys!! welcome to my blog. In this blog I share everything about My Boy app. My Boy is an android emulator which helps you run wide range of games , movies etc . As this is an android app, you can run in wide range of Android devices like Android mobiles, Tablets etc. To use this app, you have to first download the My Boy apk latest version for android and then install it. In this blog am gonna share about the My Boy app , how to get the My Boy app, how to use it and My review of the My Boy app. Am also going to share link to download the My Boy apk for your android devices.

What is an Android Emulator?

my boy apk. my boy app, my boy , download my boy apkBasically an Emulator is a hardware device or Software program that enables one computer to run some softwares or tools which are not supported by the computer. Consider a game which is not supported by your computer because of operating system version or some thing. The Emulator provides that required environment to the game. This you to run games, softwares in your computer using an emulator. There are a lot of good emulators in market . Based on the requirement you have to use respective Emulator. Especially, Android Emulators are quite popular. With so many versions of android operating systems and android devices available. It is quite common that the old games should keep updating themselves every now and then to be able to run on those devices.

If your favourite game isn’t supported by your android device, go for the emulator which supports those games and enjoy them in the same machine. My Boy is also and Android emulator which is used to play GameBoy advance games in your android device. You are going to need My Boy apk to be downloaded and installed first and explore all below shared features.

What is My Boy Android Emulator?

my boy apk. my boy app, my boy , download my boy apk

my boy apk

My Boy Android Emulator is an android emulator which is used to play GameBoy advance games in your android device. You can run this emulator in wildest range of devices from mobile phones to tablets. My Boy emulates nearly all aspects of hardware, thus giving you awesome experience. My Boy is very fast and consume very less battery and it emulates softwares very correctly. My Boy comes with a lot of features like the build-in save capability, fast forward the story lines, use cheat codes, save cheat codes etc., My Boy is a must try app for all the game lovers especially GameBoy games lovers. First you have to download the My Boy apk in you android device. Below is the list of complete features of My Boy Emulator..

Features of My Boy apk, the Emulator app.

my boy apk. my boy app, my boy , download my boy apk

my boy apk

  1. Remove annoying adds from the games.
  2. Save to and load from multiple slots through emulator’s menu and also auto save and load.
  3. Sync with Google Drive. This will let you save the game in one device and resume your game in another device as it is saved on Google Cloud.
  4. You can do fast forwarding of games and tiresome story lines  upto speed of 16x.
  5. You can have a multiple lines of cheat codes in a single cheat.
  6. Have Gyroscope/tilt sensor emulation through your Android’s motion sensors!
  7. Link up your server with your friend’s the other side a client.
  8. You can create multiple screen layout profiles.

Features of My Boy app in detailed.

my boy apk. my boy app, my boy , download my boy apk

my boy apk

Like I said, My Boy app is and android emulator which allows you to play a lot of android games which your device doesn’t support. My Boy app lets you play wide range of GameBoy games. It emulates very accurately and its very fast. Performance wise it is very good, very fast and it doesn’t consume battery a lot. So you don’t have to bother about irritating charging in your android device. It has various sensors gyroscope, tilt, solar and rumble.

These sensors will give you more gaming experience while playing which is awesome. You can enter and save cheat codes of GameShark, Action replay,code breaker  and enable or disable them on the fly while the game is running.It supports highlevel BIOS emulation. No BIOS file required. IPS/UPS patching is done. Rendering of OpenGL backend as well as normal rendering is done on devices without a GPU. There are a lot of cool video filters through the support of GLSL shaders. You can download MyBoy apk for Android Latest Version.

More features of My Boy Android Emulator in detail.

my boy apk. my boy app, my boy , download my boy apk

my boy apk

One awesome feature about My Boy Emulator which I feel is very useful is fast forward. As a gamer I just want to jump in straight in to the game instead of reading or watching all long story lines or videos . My Boy has fast forward feature which lets you fast forward or skip these boring stories. So you can jump straight in to the next level of your game by simply fast forwarding or skipping the story lines. Awesome!! right. isn’t it? One more awesome feature in this emulator is you can slowdown the game. If you are kind of gamer who likes finishing the game regardless of the game difficulty, this feature is for you.

Seriously , if you are stuck at anywhere of your game because of its speed and your slow reaction. You can simply slow it down and finish that level as just another normal level. So evil right !!

My Boy emulator comes with an On-screen keypad as well as few shortcut buttons like save/load.It also has a very powerful screen layout editor, with which you can  define  the position and size for each of the on-screen controls as well as for the game video. MyBoy app also supports external controllers , such as MOGA  controllers. You can play with your game controllers , any of your favourite external controllers or the default controller. The user interface is simple and elgant which seamlessly integrated with latest Android. You can create and switch to different key-mapping profiles.You can also create shortcuts to easily launch your favourite games from your desktop.

Terms of My Boy app.

My Boy app is just an emulator. It doesn’t come with any games . So, whatever games you have to play, you have to download them yourself. You have to store them in your SD card and open them or link that location in your My Boy app. MyBoy app is not affliated with nor authorized , endorsed or licensed in  anyway by nintendo corporation, its affliates or subsidaries. You can download My Boy apk for Android Latest Version.


Steps to download and install My Boy apk.

mt boy apk, mt boy app , my boy , download mt boy apk

my boy apk

1. Download My Boy apk for Android Latest Version into your android device.

2 Click here  to download My Boy APK App.

3.  Check the Downloaded Apk file and open the Apk file.

4. When you opened Apk file it will show you like upper image.

5.  Click the Install option and it will start installation process . Don’t disturb the installation process.

6 . It will complete  installation process automatically.

7.. Open the installed app and here you can browse to the games which you want to play and install them in this and start playing.

My final review of My Boy app.

My Boy app is an amazing GBA emulator without any doubt. Good controls with the button’s hitboxes very big. To the people who don’t know how to get games. Go to google and search for a .gba file rom. Download and then go to the My Boy! App and find the downloads folder and tap your ROM and have fun!!


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